Creating an ITQ Contract on the ITQ website—DGS Only
Mass Change of Contract
Printing a Contract
Searching and Displaying Contracts in SRM


Document Builder


Locating Statewide Contracts
Procedures for Simplifying Contract Search on eMarketplace
Searching Sole Source Procurement
Searching Emergency Procurement
Request to Advertise Instructions
How to Post Bid Tabs on eMarketplace
How to Post Awards to eMarketplace


Evaluated Receipt Settlement


Adding Attachments
Changing the Number of Line Displayed on the POWL
Create and Maintain User Address
PA Preferred EUP
Printer Set UP SAP/SRM
Request New Ship To Addresses on DGS Portal
Setting Up a Default Printer in SRM
Reviewing and Approving Procurement Documents
SU3 Setup for Remote Mail (Auto-PO, Auto-Fax, Alert Transmission)
Show my Tasks




Purchase Orders
Create Stand Alone Purchase Order
Delete Purchase Order
Liquidate Purchase Order and Complete Shopping Cart
Finding Further Addresses for a Vendor
Notice to Purchasers
Printing a Purchase Order
Propose Source of Supply—Carry Out Sourcing
Sourcing a Requirement—Generate a PO
Versioning of POs
Cancelling a Purchase Order
Reversing a Cancelled Purchase Order
Locating an SAP Requisition in Carry out Sourcing
Ordered In Full Error Message
PO Price-Drop Workaround
Updating Purchase Order and Shopping Cart Business Partner


Records Management
Comprehensive Guide to Versioning in RM
Document Naming Conventions and Records Management
Procurement Record Basics
Record Folder Guidelines
Locating and Viewing a Bid Invitation and Attachments in RM.pdf
Locating and viewing a Contract and Attachments in RM.pdf
Locating and Viewing a Purchase Order and Attachments in RM.pdf
Right to Know Checklist


Create and Maintain User Address
Identify the Responses and Awards Tabs in an RFx


Create Periodic Invoicing Plan
ME51N – Create Purchase Requisition
IP with Multiple Account Assignments


Shopping Cart
Ad Hoc Process on Rejected Shopping Carts
Create a New Cart Using An Approved Cart
Creating a Describe Requirements Shopping Cart
Entering a Goods Receipt
Processing P-Card Requisition
Return Delivery of a Goods Receipt
Reversing a Goods Receipt
Saving Your Goods Receipt Layout
Set up User Attributes (Change Attributes)
Utilizing Team Shopping Cart Functionality
Creating a Shopping Cart from a Punch-Out Catalog
Creating a Warehouse (STO) Shopping Cart
Complete Shopping Cart
Deleting a Shopping Cart
Create Cart Using Internal Goods Services Catalog
Searching, Viewing, & Shopping Cart Creation Using MSCC
MSCC Minimum Quantity Shopping Carts


Assigning Work


Sole Source
Sole Source Procedures for Agencies
Sole Source Procedures for Materials (DGS Only)
Sole Source Procedures for Services (DGS Only)


Replication Process for New Suppliers (All Purchasers)
Checklist for Responding to a Bid