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The Tax Update is a bi-monthly e-newsletter published by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. 

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PA Tax Updates  
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PDF Documents taxupdate_174.pdf (2) PA Tax Update (No. 174, June/July 2014)
PDF Documents taxupdate_174.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 174, June/July 2014)
PDF Documents taxupdate_173.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 173, April/May 2014)
PDF Documents taxupdate_172.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 172, February/March 2014)
PDF Documents taxupdate_171.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 171, December 2013/January 2014)
PDF Documents taxupdate_170.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 170, October/November 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_169.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 169, August/September 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_168.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 168, June/July 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_167.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 167, April/May 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_166.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 166, February/March 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_165.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 165, December 2012/January 2013)
PDF Documents taxupdate_164.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 164, October/November 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_163.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 163, August/September 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_162.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 162, June/July 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_161.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 161, April/May 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_160.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 160, February/March 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_159.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 159, December 2011/January 2012)
PDF Documents taxupdate_158.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 158, October/November 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_157.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 157, August/September 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_156.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 156, June/July 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_155.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 155, April/May 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_154.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 154, February/March 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_153.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 153, December 2010/January 2011)
PDF Documents taxupdate_152.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 152, October/November 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_151.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 151, August/September 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_150.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 150, June/July 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_149.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 149, April/May 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_148.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 148, February/March 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_147.pdf PA Tax Update "Special Edition" (No. 147, February 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_146.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 146, December 2009/January 2010)
PDF Documents taxupdate_145.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 145, October/November 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_144.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 144, August/September 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_143.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 143, June/July 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_142.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 142, April/May 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_141.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 141, February/March 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_140.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 140, February 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_139.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 139, December 2008/January 2009)
PDF Documents taxupdate_138.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 138, October/November 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_137.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 137, August/September 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_136.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 136, June/July 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_135.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 135, April/May 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_134.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 134, February/March 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_133.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 133, February 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_132.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 132, December 2007/January 2008)
PDF Documents taxupdate_131.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 131, December 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_130.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 130, October/November 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_129.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 129, August/September 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_128.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 128, June/July 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_127.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 127, April/May 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_126.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 126, February/March 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_125.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 125, January 2007) -- Special Edition
PDF Documents taxupdate_124.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 124, December 2006/January 2007)
PDF Documents taxupdate_123.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 123, October/November 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_122.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 122, August/September 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_121.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 121, June/July 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_120.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 120, April/May 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_119.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 119, February/March 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_118.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 118, December 2005/January 2006)
PDF Documents taxupdate_117.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 117, October/November 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_116.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 116, August/September 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_115.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 115, June/July 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_114.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 114, April/May 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_113.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 113, February/March 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_112.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 112, November/December/January 2005)
PDF Documents taxupdate_111.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 111, September/October 2004)
PDF Documents taxupdate_110.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 110, June/July/August 2004)
PDF Documents taxupdate_106.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 106, September/October 2003)
PDF Documents taxupdate_105.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 105, July/August 2003)
PDF Documents taxupdate_104.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 104, April/May/June 2003)
PDF Documents taxupdate_103.pdf PA Tax Update (No. 103, January/February 2003)