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PDE News and Media

PDE News and Media

The Governor and the Secretary of Education have overseen an array of strategic educational investments that are reaping academic results. Pennsylvania has been recognized nationally for many of its education initiatives, and this page enables us to share our education goals with the media and you.

The Office of Press and Communications works closely with all program areas of the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide critical information to the public regarding education initiatives. Press and Communications works with reporters throughout the Commonwealth as well as the general public to provide answers to questions, distribute education information, maintain web data and serve as the public's contact on education in Pennsylvania.

Services We Provide:

 News Releases - Official News Releases from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
 Quick Links for the Media - A quick directory to find program and topic areas within the PDE website
 RSS Feed of Education in the News - Our online RSS Reader of Education News.

In order to find information about Department of Education specific topics please use the search option.

All News Media Representatives needing further assistance, contact the Office of Press and Communications.