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Notary Public Fees

     The fees for notaries public are set by the Secretary of the Commonwealth with the approval of the Attorney General. A notary public must not charge, attempt to charge or receive a notary public fee that is in excess of the fees fixed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. A notary public must display their fees, separately stated, in a conspicuous place in the notary's place of business or provide them to any person utilizing the services of the notary upon request, which requirement shall not apply if the notary public waives the right to charge a fee.

     The fee for any notary public employed by a bank, banking institution or trust company shall be the property of the notary public and in no case belong to or be received by the corporation for whom the notary is employed.

     Notaries public may charge a clerical or administrative fee for services they have provided in addition to the notarization of a document such as copying documents, postage, phone calls or completing forms. These clerical fees are not set by statute. Customers should be informed if a clerical fee is being charged in addition to the notary public fees prior to the notarization of a document. The customer's receipt should itemize these fees. Notaries public should separately itemize clerical fees from notary fees in the notary public register.


Notaries Fees Notice

Executing Affidavits(no matter how many signatures)  $5.00 
Executing Acknowledgments  $5.00 
In Executing Acknowledgments, Each Additional Name    $2.00 
Executing Certificates(per certified copy)  $5.00 
Administering Oaths(per individual taking an oath)  $5.00 
Taking Depositions (per Page)  $3.00 
Executing verifications  $5.00* 
Making Protests (per Page)  $3.00 

*New fee

Modified Date: 12/16/2009 09:13 AM