National American Life Insurance Company

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 Date of Liquidation:  May 31, 1996
 Filing Deadline:  May 31, 1997
 States Where Licensed:

 All except:     New York

 Type of Business Sold:  Health, Life & Annuity

Health Block
All health policies were cancelled on or before the date of liquidation. All outstanding medical claims were forwarded to the appropriate guaranty associations for review and processing.

Life & Annuity Blocks
All active life and annuity policies have been assumed up to guaranty association's limits by:

     Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. 
     P.O. Box 81889
     Lincoln, NE 68501-1889 
     Office Number:      (402)467-1122
     Toll Free Number: (800)745-1112


Due to guaranty association limits, many policyowners experienced cash losses. However, due to an early access arrangement between the Liquidator and the affected state guaranty associations, a large portion of each loss was funded directly to ACACIA. Any cash loss remaining after the early access distribution has been automatically filed on behalf of the policyowner against the NALICO estate.

On October 13, 2004, the Commonwealth Court approved the Liquidator’s petition for a final distribution to affected policyowners and the discharge of the estate.

Through a series of distributions since 1996 the Liquidator made a 89.3% total distribution to policyowners via ACACIA.