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Bureaus of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (Pre K-12)  
Bureau of Assessment and Accountability - develops and implements the state's assessment system (PSSA) and the state's accountability system (as contained in the Pennsylvania Accountability Workbook) under No Child Left Behind; provides support for schools and districts in school/district improvement status and/or corrective actions status; and provides direction to schools and districts on assessment and accountability programs; evaluates school/student progress, deficiencies and school performance for compliance with the No Child Left Behind.  Other functions include the development of assessment anchors to better align curricula, instruction and assessment practices throughout the state; coordinate test development, administration, and reporting; and, provide technical assistance for statewide and local assessment systems.
Bureau of Career and Technical Education - is responsible for the administration and supervision of the career and technical education programs in accordance with the policies and directives of the State Board of Education and the Department of Education consistent with various state and federal laws; and provides leadership in developing high-quality career and technical education programs that prepare students for postsecondary and employment opportunities, through integration of rigorous academic and industry-relevant instruction.  The bureau supports schools as they develop academic, vocational and technical skills of secondary and postsecondary students who choose to enroll in career and technical education programs thus preparing students for career and college.  The Bureau focuses on accountability for improved student success and emphasize each school entities program development and improvement to address regional, emerging and high priority occupations. 
Bureau of Special Education - Provides professional leadership and management in the provision of special education services and programs. The Bureau administers the special education contingency fund, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds. Other responsibilities include mandated program oversight including on site special education compliance monitoring and special education complaint investigation. The BSE staff provides technical assistance, consultation and advice to local education agencies to support them in meeting the requirements of state and federal special education requirements, and, also work with the U.S. Department of Education regarding federal requirements.
Bureau of Teaching and Learning - Functions as a consultative and facilitative agency in selected curriculum, instruction strategies and compensatory education. Major activities of the bureau include provision of curriculum and instructional materials and guidelines; provision and coordination of technical assistance and professional development; provision or coordination of technical assistance to school districts, intermediate units, institutions which prepare teachers, local educational agencies, neglected and delinquent institutions and other administrative units of the Department; provision of leadership in certain initiatives such as High School Reform, Science: It's Elementary, Classrooms for the Future, Dual Enrollment, Project 720, Schools to Watch, NGA/ACT Course Rigor programs, and administration of significant state and federal programs and projects such as Title 1 and No Child Left Behind.

School Services Office - serves as a central point of inquiry for advice and assistance to school administrators, teachers, parents, school board members and students regarding the School Law of Pennsylvania, the State Board of Education regulations and related programs, services and policies.