Schedule of Fees

The Online Business Registration Interview (OBRI) allows a user to register for numerous taxes and/or services.  The registering enterprise is assessed a fee for certain registrations.  The table below outlines all possible fees associated with the OBRI. 

Pennsylvania Department of State Fees
These fees are effective as of December 23, 2003 (Act 47)

 Application  Business Structure  Fee
 Application for Registration of Fictitious Name  All  $70
 Articles of Incorporation  Domestic Corporation  $125
 Application for Certificate of Authority  Foreign Corporation  $250
 Certificate of Organization  Domestic Limited Liability Company  $125
 Application for Registration  Foreign Limited Liability Company  $250
 Certificate of Limited Partnership  Domestic Limited Partnership  $125
 Application for Registration  Foreign Limited Partnership  $250
 Statement of Registration  Domestic Limited Liability Partnership  $125
 Application for Registration  Foreign Limited Liability Partnership  $250

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Fees

 Application  Business Structure  Fee
 Cigarette Dealer's License-Retail Over the Counter  All  $25 per location
 Cigarette Dealer's License-Vending Machines  All  $25 per decal
 Cigarette Dealer's License-Wholesaler  All  $500 per location
 Cigarette Dealer's License-Stamping Agent and Wholesaler  All  $1500 qualified vehicle
 Motor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA Decal  All  $5 per qualified vehicle
 Small Games of Chance-Distributor License  All  $2000
 Small Games of Chance-Manufacturers Registration Certificate  All  $2000
 Small Games of Chance-Replacement License  All  $100
 Small Games of Chance-Replacement Certificate  All  $100
 Small Games of Chance-Background Investigation  All  $10 per investigation

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Fees

There are no fees associated for a business registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.  Fees are assessed to the business during the course of operation.