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PDF Documents 2011_1099G_faq.pdf Frequently Asked Questions Form 1099-G and Form 1099-INT
PDF Documents 2012_rev-993.pdf 2012 Pennsylvania Fed/State e-File Handbook (REV-993)
PDF Documents 2013_rev-993.pdf 2013 Pennsylvania Fed/State e-File Handbook (REV-993)
PDF Documents Act_2005_40_Change_to_Exception.pdf Article Act 2005 4 Change to REV-1630F, Exception 2, for Calculationf of Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Fiduciaries
PDF Documents address_directory.pdf PA Department of Revenue Mailing Addresses
PDF Documents Comprehensive_Analysis.pdf HB 2330, PN 4272 Summary
PDF Documents ct_audit_manual.pdf Part I- General Auditing Provisions
PDF Documents dad-47.pdf Account Information Input/Mailing Standards - User's Guide (DAD 47)
PDF Documents dau-23.pdf Brochure - Computer-Assisted Auditing (DAU-23)
PDF Documents dau-4.pdf Career Opportunities with the Bureau of Audits (DAU-4)
PDF Documents dba-10.pdf Board of Appeals - Request for Compromise
PDF Documents DDMMS_Fact_Sheet.pdf Digital Document Management Services - Fact Sheet
PDF Documents PA_IFTA.pdf IFTA Audit Manual
PDF Documents PA_LFFT.pdf Liquid Fuels Tax Audit Manual
PDF Documents reg_pronouncement_status_rpt.pdf Regulation-Pronouncement Status Report -- Third Quarter 2014
PDF Documents rev-1076.pdf Procedures For Securing A Bulk Sales Clearance Certificate (REV-1076)
PDF Documents rev-1611.pdf Interest Rate and Calculation Method For All Taxes Due After Jan. 1, 1982 (REV-1611)
PDF Documents rev-1799a.pdf Time Limitations on Filing Petitions for Appeal (REV-1799A)
PDF Documents rev-181-i.pdf Instructions For Securing a Tax Clearance Certificate To File With the PA Department of State (REV-181-I)
PDF Documents rev-181.pdf Application for Tax Clearance Certificate (REV-181)
PDF Documents rev-203d.pdf Business Activities Questionaire (REV-203D)
PDF Documents rev-23.pdf BROCHURE - Practices and Procedures of the Board of Appeals (REV-23)
PDF Documents rev-238.pdf Out of Existence/Withdrawal Affidavit
PDF Documents rev-251.pdf Tax Bulletin 53B/53F (REV-251)
PDF Documents rev-252.pdf Tax Bulletin 53C/53E (REV-252)
PDF Documents rev-253.pdf Tax Bulletin 53D (REV-253)
PDF Documents rev-260.pdf Board of Finance and Revenue Petition Form (REV-260)
PDF Documents rev-336web.pdf Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Boat Title with Instructions (REV-336)
PDF Documents rev-39.pdf Sales & Use Tax Appeal Schedule (REV-39)
PDF Documents rev-460.pdf Time Limitations on the Filing of Petitons For Refund (REV-460)
PDF Documents rev-467.pdf Authorization for Release of Tax Records (REV-467)
PDF Documents rev-484.pdf Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses
PDF Documents rev-484a.pdf Instructions For Completing Collection Information Statement for Businesses (REV-484)
PDF Documents rev-488.pdf Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals
PDF Documents rev-488a.pdf Instructions for Completing Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals (REV-488A)
PDF Documents rev-527.pdf BROCHURE - Office of Taxpayers' Rights Advocate (REV-527)
PDF Documents rev-554.pdf Disclosure Statement: Taxpayers' Rights and Obligations of the PA Department of Revenue (REV-554)
PDF Documents rev-556.pdf Taxpayer Request for Assistance (REV-556)
PDF Documents rev-563.pdf Responsible Party Information Form (REV-563)
PDF Documents rev-610.pdf Brochure - Voluntary Disclosure Program (REV-610)
PDF Documents rev-65.pdf Board of Appeals Petition Form (REV-65)
PDF Documents rev-677.pdf Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (REV-677)
PDF Documents rev-692.pdf Authorization to Honor Drafts/Automated Clearing House Debits for Deferred Payment Plans (REV-692)
PDF Documents rev-711.pdf Prothonotary Monthly Report (REV-711)
PDF Documents rev-712.pdf Recorder of Deeds Monthly Report (REV-712)
PDF Documents rev-713.pdf Clerk of Orphans' Court Monthly Report (REV-713)
PDF Documents rev-718.pdf Register of Wills Fee Collections Monthly Report (REV-718)
PDF Documents rev-778.pdf Brochure - PA Tax Obligations for Out-of-State Vendors (REV-778)
PDF Documents rev-881_fillin.pdf Request for County Officers' Forms (REV-881 Fill In)
PDF Documents rev-881.pdf Request For County Officers' Forms (REV-881)
PDF Documents rsl-400.pdf PA Lottery Economic and Benefit Impact Report By County (RSL-400)
PDF Documents sut_audit_manual.pdf Sales and Use Tax Audit Manual