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American Board (ABCTE)
The Department has implemented a procedure for a teacher holding the Passport to Teaching credential issued by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) so that he/she may be eligible for a Pennsylvania Instructional I certificate in the subject areas of secondary English, secondary mathematics, secondary general sciences, secondary physics, secondary chemistry or secondary biology.
After a candidate earns the ABCTE Passport certificate by passing the ABCTE tests in pedagogy and the subject area, he/she may apply to the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality for a Pennsylvania Temporary Teaching Permit (TTP), valid for one calendar year. This TTP allows the candidate to serve in the public schools of the Commonwealth under a "mentoring" program supervised by a teacher education institution (Point Park University).  Mentoring requires a full-time placement in the candidate's certification area.
During that initial year of teaching, a candidate is responsible for completing the following through Point Park University:
  • Mentoring visits
  • 2 continuing education seminars/workshops
  • 2 graduate level education pedagogy courses

It is the candidate's responsibility to contact Point Park University regarding additional information on completing the above requirements.  Candidates should note that there will be additional costs incurred for this portion of the program.  Information regarding costs should be confirmed with Point Park University.

The TTP is valid for only one calendar year, and therefore, the candidate should first seek employment before applying for the permit.  Employment as a teacher is:
  • the responsibility of the candidate;
  • not provided by the University
  • needed in order to enter into and complete the mentoring portion of the program.
In order to apply for the TTP, a candidate must supply the following to PDE:
  • A TTP application submitted online via the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)
  • application fee (paid via credit card through TIMS or money order)
  • copy of your passport to teaching (uploaded through TIMS)
  • copy of your ABCTE test scores (sent directly to PDE from ABCTE)
  • copy of the PDE application addendum (pdf)
  • all official college-sealed transcripts

Upon completion of the remainder of the program through Point Park University, the candidate must contact the University for assistance in applying for their Level I certification.

Candidates holding the TTP in the subject area to which they are assigned are considered "highly qualified" in the No Child Left Behind report and for the State Report Card.

Further information on the Passport for Teaching for Pennsylvania is available on the American Board website.

For additional information, please contact:

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