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Induction Requirements for Level II
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 Induction Requirements for Obtaining the Level II Certificate


What is meant by Induction Program?

All school districts, intermediate units, charter schools, cyber schools, independent schools and area vocational-technical schools must have a Pennsylvania Department of Education approved induction plan.  The program is locally determined and specified in the approved plan.


Who must participate in an Induction Program?

All persons who received their Instructional I or Vocational Instructional I certificate on or after June 1, 1987 must present evidence of having successfully completed a PDE-approved induction program in order to qualify for an Instructional II or Vocational Instructional II certificate.  Individuals holding Educational Specialist certificates issued in accordance with September 1, 1999 regulations must also complete a PDE-approved induction program.

  • All full and part-time regularly employed teachers engaged in their initial teaching experience in a Pennsylvania public school entity must participate in the entity's induction program.
  • Substitute teachers and other professional employees may be required or minimally afforded the opportunity to participate in an induction program at the option of the employing school entity.
  • Newly-employed educators with prior school experience may be required to participate in an induction program at the option of the employing school entity.

What if I serve in a PA private school, or a non-public school, or a charter school?

Participation in the induction program process is optional for non-public and private school entities N-12 but is required for permanent certification.  Non-public and private school entities may submit induction plans to the department for approval.


Why must induction be fulfilled?

ยง49.16 of the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania requires a year of an approved induction program.  Refer to CSPG 20 for more information. 


If you have questions on service time, contact the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality at 717-PaTeach (717-728-3224).  Additional information may also be found in the Level II Instruction Booklet.


For additional information, please contact:

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