PA Personal Income Tax Guide

The Department is continually revising the information in the Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax (PIT) Guide to reflect updated guidance for each tax year.
The Department plans to update this Internet publication with new and expanded information.
A few tips may be helpful for navigating and use of the PA PIT Guide.
  • You will need to have Adobe reader installed on your personal computer – all the files are in PDF format.
  • The full version of the PA PIT Guide is temporarily unavailable, pending updates.
  • Chapters 2 and 3 have been merged into Chapter 1.
  • Chapters 10, 18 and 22 have been temporarily removed.
  • To sort the listed Chapters, select "Name" in the list below. 
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Personal Income Tax Guide  
  Name Description
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_01.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapters 1-3 (combined): Customer Service and Taxpayer Assistance
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_02.pdf PA PIT Guide Chapter 2 - Personal Income Tax Information Security
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_04.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 4: Filing Requirements for PA Personal Income Tax
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_05.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 5: When to File
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_06.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 6: Brief Overview of PA Personal Income Tax
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_07.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 7: Gross Compensation
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_08.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 8: Interest
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_09.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 9: Dividends
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_11.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 11: Net Income or Loss from the Operation of a Business, Profession, or Farm
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_12.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 12: Net Gains or Losses From the Sale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_13.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 13: Net Income (Loss) From Rents, Royalties, Copyrights and Patents
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_14.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 14 - Estates, Trusts and Decedents
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_15.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 15 - Gambling and Lottery Winnings
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_16.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 16 - Pass Through Entities
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_17.pdf PA PIT Guide Chapter 17 - Credits
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_19.pdf PIT Guide -- Chapter 19: Tax Withholding & Estimated Payments
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_20.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 20: Tax Forgiveness
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_21.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 21: Amended Returns
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_23.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 23: Natural Resources
PDF Documents pitguide_chapter_24.pdf PA PIT Guide - Chapter 24: Cancellation of Debt For PA PIT Purposes