PACE, PACENET, and PACE Plus Medicare



2012 PACE Annual Report 



PACE, PACENET and PACE plus Medicare are Pennsylvania's prescription assistance programs for older adults, offering low-cost prescription medication to qualified residents, age 65 and older. For information, call 1-800-225-7223.



Who is eligible?


To be eligible for PACE and PACENET:

·        You must be 65 years of age or older

·        A Pennsylvania resident for at least 90 days prior to the date of application 

·        You cannot be enrolled in the Department of Public Welfare's Medicaid prescription benefit


PACE and PACENET eligibility is determined by your previous calendar year’s income.


Effective for 2014

Social Security Medicare Part B premiums are now excluded from income. This change has the same effect as raising the income limits by that amount. For most Medicare beneficiaries, this amount is $1,258.80 per person for a year. For married couples, the excluded amount would be $2,517.60 for a year.  




·        For a single person, total income must be $14,500 or less

·        For a married couple, combined total income must be $17,700 or less



·        PACENET income limits are slightly higher than those for PACE

·        For a single person, total income can be between $14,500 and $23,500

·        For a married couple, combined total income can be between $17,700 and $31,500


PACE Plus Medicare

·        Under PACE Plus Medicare, PACE/PACENET coverage is supplemented by federal Medicare Part D prescription coverage and offers older Pennsylvanians the best benefits of both programs. Older adults continue to receive the same prescription benefits while, in many cases, saving more money.



Information and Assistance with Application Process

For more information, to download an application, or to apply online, please visit the PACECares website






For local assistance, contact your local Area Agency on Aging or visit a local pharmacy. 



Pennsylvania Patient Assistance Program Clearinghouse (PA PAP)

Do you need help paying for your prescriptions?  If you are uninsured or under-insured, over age 18, and do not currently have Medicaid or PACE coverage, PA PAP will help you to apply for prescription assistance through various programs. Click here for brochure. For more information, call 1-800-955-0989.


Pennsylvania Prescription Price Finder

On the Price Finder website, a consumer comparison shops for the best medication prices for commonly used medications. The website includes prices, pharmacy location and store hours, where to find low cost generics, and drug education materials. Click here for brochure. For more information, call 1-800-835-4080.


Other Prescription Benefit Programs


Click here for more information about the Chronic Renal Disease Program or call 1-800-225-7223


Click here for more information about the Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program

Click here for information about the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program or call 1-800-692-7462


Click here for information about Medicare or call 1-800-MEDICARE


PACE Publications


PA Patient Assistance Clearing House


Prescriptions: Paying Too Much Brochure


2011 PACE Annual Report


2010 PACE Annual Report

2009 PACE Annual Report - includes demographic and county data, the number of people in the program, prescriptions paid and a wide array of additional program information


Title 72 PS 3761- Commonwealth statute governing PACE. Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated Title 72. Taxation and Fiscal Affairs Chapter 3. State Fiscal Affairs in General State Lottery and Chapter 5. Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly, Sections 3761-501 through Sections 3761-806



Prescription Drug Education-



Medicines: The Right Way to Throw Away- Fact Sheet



Pharmacy Provider Publications 


PACE/PACENET Pharmacy Provider Bulletin Index- 2001 to current year, in order by release date


Other Pharmacy Programs (CRDP, PA PAP, PKU, SPBP, SWIF) Provider Bulletin Index- January 2009 to current year, in order, by program and release date


PACE/PACENET Pharmacy Provider Program Manual- This manual provides information about cardholder requirements, provider enrollment, claims processing, drug utilization, nursing home providers, remittance advice, audits and more


PACE Easy Print Guide- The Medicare Easy Print Guide was chosen for use by PACE and other programs administered by the Department of Aging for its ease of use and familiarity to the provider community. However, since it was designed for providers submitting Medicare claims, some of the features designed for Medicare do not apply to the PACE application. Even though some minor functions are not available, providers transitioning from a paper remittance to an electronic R/A will immediately notice some of the advantages of the electronic file over a paper document




Statewide Survey of Older Pennsylvanians 2007- A profile of general health and prescription drug coverage prepared by The Center for Survey Research at the Institute of State and Regional Affairs of the Pennsylvania State University


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Bureau of Pharmaceutical Assistance

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