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PennFIRS On-Line User Information and Registration

NEW:  Users of PennFIRS On-Line (FH.Net) can contact Firehouse Tech Support directly at

The Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) has expanded our partnership with FIREHOUSE Software and has obtained a statewide license to provide a newly designed web-based (Internet Accessible) data entry tool (FH.Net), that will be called Pennsylvania Fire Information Reporting System (PennFIRS) On-Line, or PennFIRS On-Line. A fact sheet about PennFIRS On-Line can be viewed by clicking here.

PennFIRS On-Line meets all the basic National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS 5.0) criteria and will be offered free of charge (including maintenance agreements) to any fire department in the state that wishes to participate. All data entered by a fire company/department is automatically collected (no emailing required) in the PennFIRS On-Line state database. In turn, the OSFC forwards all data received to NFIRS.

PennFIRS On-Line is a basic NFIRS reporting tool and currently does not have all of the FIREHOUSE Software advanced NFIRS features available with some FIREHOUSE Software locally installed legacy systems. As these features are developed for the web based (Internet Accessible) application, they will eventually become part of the PennFIRS On-Line system. Fire companies/departments will have the options of; retaining their current installed FIREHOUSE Software reporting system, using other third party software, or moving to the new PennFIRS On-Line web based tool.

Regardless of which option you use, the OSFC model for Pennsylvania incidents remains the same; all fire departments should submit incident reports to the state through PennFIRS, before we forward them to NFIRS. For those departments using the locally installed PennFIRS software that was initially provided by the OSFC, you will be receiving a update to the program and will be covered under a maintenance agreement through 6/30/2011 for NFIRS 5 updates and toll free technical support. After this period, only fire departments using the web based (Internet Accessible) PennFIRS On Line application will be covered by the OSFC under a maintenance agreement for toll free technical support and upgrades.

Departments that currently have no reporting capability will be given a higher priority for initial approval. Training is available and can be conducted through the internet using "webinars" or on-site by OSFC trainers. To register for PennFIRS On-Line, click on the user registration link found below. The OSFC will verify your information and create your fire company/department account. Your designated contact will receive an email with instructions on how to set up a program and receive training. All submissions to this office will be verified prior to establishment of PennFIRS On-Line account activation.

PennFIRS On-Line User Registration