National Register Program

The Bureau for Historic Preservation manages the National Register of Historic Places for Pennsylvania. The program was established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Properties listed in the Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. National Register properties are distinguished by having been documented and evaluated according to uniform standards. The PHMC's National Register Fact Sheet (PDF, 196 KB) provides an overview of the program and explains what the designation does and does not entail.

Alleghany Mennonite Meeting House

Your first step is to find out if your property is eligible for the National Register.

Is my property eligible?

The button above will direct you to the recording resources page.

Select the resource that applies to your property on that page.

Download the appropriate set of documents for your resource type and follow the links for more information.

These criteria recognize the accomplishments of all peoples who have contributed to the history and heritage of the United States and are designed to help state and local governments, federal agencies, and others identify significant historic and archeological properties worthy of preservation and of consideration in planning and development decisions. Listing in the National Register, however, does not interfere with a private property owner’s right to alter, manage, or dispose of property. It often changes the way communities perceive their historic resources and gives credibility to efforts to preserve these resources as irreplaceable parts of our communities. W NATIONAL REGISTER NOIMNATION FORMS ISSUED BY NPS!NEW NR FORMS AVAILABLE FROM NPS!

 Listing in the National Register contributes to preserving historic properties in a number of ways:

  1. Recognition that a property is of significance to the nation, the state, or the community.
  2. Consideration in the planning for federal or federally assisted projects.
  3. Eligibility for federal tax benefits.
  4. Qualification for federal assistance for historic preservation, when funds are available .

Properties are nominated to the National Register by our office. The State Historic Preservation Board reviews all nominations. Our office provides many services to assist in the National Register process, including evaluation of National Register eligibility; nomination of properties to the National Register of Historic Places; information on historic properties, including National Register and National Historic Landmark listings; guidance on conducting architectural and historic surveys; and technical assistance to preparers of National Register nominations.

To view original and complete National Register Nominations, please visit CRGIS: Cultural Resources Geographic Information System. 

National Register Staff and Review Regions: 

Western PA Reviewer:
Keith Heinrich
(717) 783-9919

Central PA Reviewer:
Dave Maher
(717) 783-9918

Eastern PA Reviewer:
April Frantz
(717) 783-9922



National Register Forms

  Name Description
PDF Documents BHP_Historic_Context_Guidelines.pdf How to Prepare a Historic Context for Individual Properties and Historic Districts
PDF Documents Guidelines_NR_Nomination_Submissions.pdf BHP Guidelines for National Register Submissions - 2013 UPDATE
PDF Documents Nom_ReturnPolicy.pdf Return Policy for Technically Incomplete National Register Nominations
MS Word Documents NominationPriorities.doc Priorities for National Register Nomination Processing
MS Word Documents Notification_Sheet.doc National Register Notification Sheet
PDF Documents nr_survey_consultants.pdf Historic Preservation Consultants - March 2014
PDF Documents NRregions.pdf National Register Review Regions
PDF Documents Photo_Policy_Checklist.pdf National Register of Historic Places Digital Photography Specifications Checklist
PDF Documents photo_policy_expansion.pdf Updated Photograph Policy National Register of Historic Places Revised March 2008
PDF Documents Tutorial - Locating Topo Maps.pdf Instructions for map submissions


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