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Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

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PENNSYLVANIA HERITAGE MAGAZINE is a popularly styled, liberally illustrated magazine co-published by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation™.

Order Pennsylvania Heritage today and join us on an exciting journey back through more than three centuries of the Keystone State's intriguing past. Meet the women and men who helped chart the course of both state and nation. Relive the momentous events that changed the world for generations of Pennsylvanians and Americans. And explore with us the places where history and legends were made.

Every edition of Pennsylvania Heritage will spellbind you with fascinating stories of the people and places that have become legendary in the annals of history. Feel dramatic events unfold as you turn back the pages of time. Pennsylvania Heritage is your very own passport to another time, another place.

From drive-in movies to Rachel Carson, from roller coasters to William Penn, from biographies to David McCullough, from archaeology to Julian Bond—Pennsylvania Heritage always surprises and delights its readers. Travel features, interviews, photo essays, book reviews, previews of exhibitions and events, letters, and regular features on fine and decorative arts, antiques, and architecture—Pennsylvania Heritage has it all!

In addition, every issue features departments covering historical markers, archival documents, new publications, events and exhibitions-and so much more! To find out how you can receive Pennsylvania Heritage four times a year, visit the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation, phone (717)787-9123, or toll free (866)823-6539.

 Reader comments

"I enjoy Pennsylvania Heritage for the many surprises it brings to its readers. How you do it is a mystery to me, but keep up the great work!"

"I love the new postcard page ['Wish You Were Here']!"

"‘Out and About' ... is intelligently written and arguably one of the best commentaries in print on exhibits, events, and activities in Pennsylvania."

"I want to commend you for providing such wonderful and extremely interesting information."

"Pennsylvania Heritage is a must-read for my family and me!"  


To receive Pennsylvania Heritage magazine quarterly to your door, become a Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation member. As a member, you'll receive this great magazine along with many more available amenities that PHF membership affords.

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  • The Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation® is a non-profit organization supporting the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), the official state agency charged with preserving and interpreting the Commonwealth's heritage and culture.