Other Military Documents

Recommended Documents to Support In-Theater Dates

Marine Corp Personnel

  • NAVMC118(3), Chronological Records
  • NAVMC 118(9), Combat History-Expeditions-Awards Record
  • Basic Individual Record/Basic Training Record (BIR/BTR)
  • Individual Deployment Record (IDR)
  • NAVPERS 1070 pg. 605 (if you were assigned to a ship)

Air Force Personnel

  • Individual Deployment Record (IDR)—Note: Qualifying dates are normally reflected as the dates for “Area of Responsibility.”
  • AF104 Service Medal Award Verification
  • AF910 Personnel Evaluation
  • DD1351 Travel Voucher
  • DD1610 TDY Travel Authorization

Navy Personnel

  • NAVPERS 1070 pg. 605 (History of Assignment)
  • NAVPERS 1616 pg. 24 Personnel Evaluation Report

Army Personnel

  • ERB – Enlisted Record Brief
  • ORB – Officer Record Brief
  • PG2-1 (DA form 2-1)

For all Services, other possible sources include:

  • Certified Annual Audit
  • Personal Decoration, Letter of Commendation/Appreciation and/or Award of Merit which includes in-theater dates
  • Performance Evaluations which include in-theater dates
  • Set of Leave and Earning Statements covering the period and documenting Hazard or Endangerment Pay in theater (in addition to other supporting documents showing presence in theater)

Service Members still on active duty may also use the Desert Shield/Storm Deployment Period Certification form to support current active states and dates in theater.