2010 Personal Income Tax Forms  
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PDF Documents 2010_dad-69.pdf 2010 VITA/TCE Order Form (DAD-69)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-1345.pdf 2010 Handbook for Electronic Filers of PA Individual Income Tax Returns (PA-1345)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40_book.pdf 2010 PA Personal Income Tax Return Instructions (PA-40 Instructions)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40_fastfile_book.pdf 2010 PA Personal Income Tax Fast File Booklet (PA40 FastFile)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40_telefile_worksheets.pdf 2010 PA TeleFile Worksheets -- Personal Income Tax
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40.pdf 2010 PA Income Tax Return (PA-40)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40a-b.pdf 2010 PA-40 Schedule A/B - Interest Income/Dividend Income (PA-40 A/B)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40d.pdf 2010 PA Schedule D (PA-40 Schedule D)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40e.pdf 2010 PA Schedule E - Rents and Royalty Income (Loss) (PA-40 E)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40j-t.pdf 2010 PA Schedule J/T - Income from Estates or Trusts/Gambling and Lottery Winnings (PA-40 J/T)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40nrc-ae_inst.pdf 2010 PA-40 NRC-AE, Consolidated Personal Income Tax Return For Qualified Electing Nonresident Professional Athletes, Non-Player Personnel, Officials and Entertainers Instructions (PA-40 NRC-AE)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40nrc-ae-1.pdf 2010 PA Nonresident Schedule of Apportioned Compensation and PA Tax Withheld (PA-40 NRC-AE-1)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40nrc-ae.pdf 2010 Nonresident Consolidate Athletes and Entertainers (PA-40 NRC-AE)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40o.pdf 2010 Schedule O - Other Deductions (PA-40 O)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40oc.pdf 2010 PA Schedule OC (PA-40 OC)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40sp.pdf 2010 PA Schedule SP - Special Tax Forgiveness (PA-40 SP)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40ue.pdf 2010 PA Schedule UE - Allowable Employee Business Expenses (PA-40 UE)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40w2s.pdf 2010 PA Schedule W-2S - Wage Statement Summary (PA-40 W2S)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-40x.pdf 2010 Amended PA Personal Income Tax Schedule (Schedule PA-40X)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41_book.pdf 2010 PA Fiduciary Income Tax Return Instructions (PA-41 Instructions)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41_internet_inst.pdf 2010 PA Fiduciary Income Tax Return Instructions -- Internet Version
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41.pdf 2010 PA-41/PA Schedule OI - PA Fiduciary Income Tax Return/Other Information (PA-41 OI)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41a-b-j.pdf 2010 PA Schedule A/B/J - Interest Income and Gambling and Lottery Winnings/Dividend Income & Capital Gains Distributions/Income From Estates or Trusts (PA-41 A/B/J)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41dd-d.pdf 2010 PA Schedule DD/D (PA-41 DD/D)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41nrk-1.pdf 2010 Schedule NRK-1 - Nonresident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss, and Credits (PA-41 Schedule NRK-1))
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41rk-1.pdf 2010 Schedule RK-1 - Resident Schedule of PA S Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass Through Income, Loss, and Credits (PA-41 Schedule RK-1)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-41x.pdf 2010 Amended PA Fiduciary Income Tax Schedule (PA-41X)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-8453.pdf 2010 Pennsylvania Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing (PA-8453)
PDF Documents 2010_pa-8879.pdf 2010 PA e-file Signature Authorization (PA-8879)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-1630.pdf 2010 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals (REV-1630)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-1630a.pdf 2010 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individual Farmers (REV-1630A)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-1630f.pdf 2010 Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Fiduciaries (REV-1630F)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-413f.pdf 2010 Instructions for Estimating PA Fiduciary Income Tax for Estates and Trusts Only (REV-413f)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-413i.pdf 2010 Instructions for Estimating PA Personal Income Tax for Individuals Only (REV-413i)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-414f.pdf 2010 PA Estimated Tax Worksheet for Estates and Trusts (REV-414f)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-414i.pdf 2010 PA Estimated Tax Worksheet for Individuals (REV-414i)
PDF Documents 2010_rev-421.pdf 2010 PA Tax Forms Bulk Order Request (REV-421)
PDF Documents dex-93.pdf Personal Income Tax Fax Cover Sheet (DEX 93)
PDF Documents dfo-02.pdf Personal Individual Tax Preparation Guide for Personal Income Tax Returns PA-40 (DFO-01)
PDF Documents dfo-56.pdf PA Tax Fact Sheet
PDF Documents pa-1.pdf Use Tax Return and Instructions (PA-1)
PDF Documents pa-19.pdf PA Schedule 19 (PA-19)
PDF Documents pa-40_w-2_rw.pdf PA W-2 Reconciliation Worksheet (PA-40 W-2 RW)
PDF Documents pa-40c-ez.pdf PA Schedule C-EZ (PA-40 C-EZ)
PDF Documents pa-40c.pdf PA Schedule C - Profit or Loss From Business or Profession (PA-40 C)
PDF Documents pa-40esr_fc.pdf Declaration of Estimated Tax or Estimated Withholding Tax For Fiduciaries & Partnerships (PA-40 ESR F/C)
PDF Documents pa-40esr_i.pdf Declaration of Estimated Tax (PA-40 ESR (I))
PDF Documents pa-40f.pdf PA Schedule F - Farm Income and Expenses (PA-40 F)
PDF Documents pa-40g-l.pdf PA Schedule G-L (PA-40 G-L)
PDF Documents pa-40g-r.pdf PA-40 Schedule G-R
PDF Documents pa-40g-s.pdf PA Schedule G-S - Calculation of Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States or Countries (PA-40 G-S)
PDF Documents pa-40nrh.pdf PA Schedule NRH - Compensation Apportionment (PA-40 NRH)
PDF Documents pa-40w.pdf Schedule W -- Employment Incentive Payments Credit
PDF Documents rev-1329.pdf Corrected School District Code Report (REV-1329)
PDF Documents rev-1601.pdf Tax Credit Certification Request Form (REV-1601)
PDF Documents rev-1643.pdf Tax-Exempt Obligations for Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Purposes (REV-1643)
PDF Documents rev-1689.pdf PA Schedule D-1 (REV-1689)
PDF Documents rev-1742.pdf PA Schedule D-71 -- Sale or Exchange or Property Acquired Prior to June 1, 1971 (REV-1742)
PDF Documents rev-276.pdf Application for Extension of Time to File (REV-276)
PDF Documents rev-419.pdf Employee's Nonwithholding Application Certificate (REV-419)
PDF Documents rev-420.pdf NOTICE: Employee's Statement of Nonresidence in PA (REV-420)
PDF Documents rev-459.pdf PA-40 ES Correction Form For Estates, Trusts, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Associations, and PA S Corporations (REV-459)
PDF Documents rev-459b.pdf Consent to Transfer, Adjust or Correct PA Estimated Personal Income Tax Account (REV-459B)
PDF Documents rev-577.pdf Brochure: Estimated Tax Payments - For PA Personal Income Tax (REV-577)
PDF Documents rev-581.pdf Brochure: Personal Income Tax (REV-581)
PDF Documents rev-611.pdf Determining Residency for PA Personal Income Tax Purposes (REV-611)
PDF Documents rev-612.pdf Brochure: Military Pay for PA Personal Income TAx Purposes (REV-612)
PDF Documents rev-625.pdf Brochure: Sale of Your Principal Residence and PA Personal Income Tax Implications (REV-625)
PDF Documents rev-631.pdf Brochure: Tax Forgiveness for PA Personal Income Tax (REV-631)
PDF Documents rev-636.pdf Brochure - Retirement - Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs (REV-636)
PDF Documents rev-637.pdf Brochure: Unreimbursed Allowable Employee Business Expenses for PA Personal Income Tax Purposes (REV-637)
PDF Documents rev-758.pdf Brochure: Personal Income Taxes for College Students (REV-758)
PDF Documents school_codes.pdf PA School Districts & Codes By County