Archaeological Research by PHMC Staff

The archaeology staff at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission wear a variety of hats.  They spend most of their time managing collections and archaeological sites.  However, they are a very dedicated group and they devote many hours (frequently after work hours) to public education and archaeological research.  They are active in many professional organizations such as the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council, the Eastern States Archaeological Federation, the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference, and the Society for Northeastern Historic Archaeology, the Society for American Archaeology and the Society for Historical Archaeology.

Information about archaeology at PHMC properties will be found under Archaeology at PHMC properties. Please check back in the future for this exciting information.

Professional papers given by PHMC staff can be found by following the PHMC Research link on the left navigation bar.

Projects and Reports

Here the Bureau for Historic Preservation reports some of the more significant projects that have been conducted by the Commonwealth's Archaeology Program (CAP). Please click on the photograph of the project site below to read a findings report on the project. 

36LA1100, Lancaster County,Quaker Hills Quarry Site 
A refuse pit of the Shenks Ferry Culture at Site 36LA1100 in Lancaster County. This pit, "Feature 3," contained abundant artifacts and organic materials. Updated July 17, 2009.

36UN0010, Union County
Excavation of a prehistoric pit at Site 36UN10 in Union County. The dark mass in the pit is a remarkably well preserved charred wood lining. The pit was buried and sealed by flood sediment from the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

36LH0002, Lehigh County, King's Quarry Site
Profile view of the massive step trench excavated into the prehistoric jasper quarry at 36LH2 in Lehigh County. The prehistoric miners had excavated to a depth of 23 feet.

PA State Farm Show – Uncovering Links to Our Past

Every January, PHMC makes a strong presence at the annual Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Harrisburg. This is a cooperative production with the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc. the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, the PHMC was unable to obtain a space on the main floor of the Farm show exhibit hall in 2011 and we did not attend. We are hoping that with the support of our sponsors, we will return in 2012.

Our dugout canoe is always a feature, along with Robert Winters, who is a lithic technologist and does presentations on the making of stone tools. The exhibit is staffed by experienced archaeologists who are more than willing to discuss a variety of archaeological topics with visitors. Please visit the PHMC exhibit at the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show, and see not only how prehistoric canoes looked but how stone tools were made.