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Archaeological Research by PHMC Staff

Frequently the archaeology staff give presentations at professional organizations' meetings and this page of our Web site is devoted to getting these presentations to an even wider audience.

This page will grow as staff do additional presentations. As they are presented on this web page, they are informal and frequently represent the version read at a conference.  They usually do not include bibliographies and you should contact the author for more information.

Professional Papers

Ongoing excavations insearch of Fort Hunter, the French and Indian War era fort once situated on the scenic bluff overlooking the Susquehanna River and Fishing Creek.

Digging Fort Hunter's History

The Pennsylvania Dugout Canoe Project

The Watershed Model, Local Contexts, and Settlement Pattern Studies
Text (PDF, 330 KB)
by Steven McDougal and Chan Funk
Paper presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology
Washington, PA
May 5-7, 2006

Recent Testing at the Kings Jasper Quarry, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Text (PDF, 33 KB)
Slides (PDF, 10.7 MB) or view below if you are using an HTML5-compliant browser.
by Kurt W. Carr and Douglas C. McLearen
Paper delivered at the Society for American Archaeology
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 1, 2005