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Archaeological Research by PHMC Staff

Frequently the archaeology staff give presentations for professional meetings, or write articles for use in publications. Below is a selection of research conducted by PHMC staff.

PA Heritage Articles

Making a Future for the Past: New Dating meets New Deal Archaeology

Hands-on History: Advanced Technology "Rubs" the Ancient Past

Digging Fort Hunter's History

The Pennsylvania Dugout Canoe Project

Professional Papers

The Watershed Model, Local Contexts, and Settlement Pattern Studies
Text (PDF, 330 KB)
by Steven McDougal and Chan Funk
Paper presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology
Washington, PA
May 5-7, 2006

Recent Testing at the Kings Jasper Quarry, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Text (PDF, 33 KB)
Slides (PDF, 10.7 MB) or view below if you are using an HTML5-compliant browser.
by Kurt W. Carr and Douglas C. McLearen
Paper delivered at the Society for American Archaeology
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 1, 2005

Projects and Reports

Summaries of Sites Excavated by the PHMC 

Read findings reports from three sites excavated by the PHMC.

36LA1100, Lancaster County,Quaker Hills Quarry Site 
A refuse pit of the Shenks Ferry Culture at Site 36LA1100 in Lancaster County. This pit, "Feature 3," contained abundant artifacts and organic materials. 

36UN0010, Union County
Excavation of a prehistoric pit at Site 36UN10 in Union County. The dark mass in the pit is a remarkably well preserved charred wood lining. The pit was buried and sealed by flood sediment from the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

36LH0002, Lehigh County, King's Quarry Site
Profile view of the massive step trench excavated into the prehistoric jasper quarry at 36LH2 in Lehigh County. The prehistoric miners had excavated to a depth of 23 feet.