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Phone Services



A landline is a physical connection between phones, used when you have a fixed location. Landline phone services are covered under the commonwealth’s main telecommunications contract. Agencies can procure these services through the enterprise services management system (ESMS). For rate information, see the Verizon Product Catalog. Find out more about landline phone services, including information on toll-free numbers.


Wireless Communication for Mobile Phone Services & Equipment  


Wireless mobile phone services include cellular and satellite services and equipment. Cellular phones connect to terrestrial base stations. Satellite phones connect to orbiting satellites.  A single satellite can provide coverage to a much greater area than terrestrial base stations. Satellite phones are costly which is why their use should be limited for disaster recovery when mobile phone coverage is not accessible.


Mobile Phone Services & Equipment are procured through the enterprise services management system (ESMS)

The following Polices govern the use of mobile phone services:

  • Management Directive 240.11 - Commonwealth Wireless Communication Policy
  • Management Directive 205.34 - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • ITB-NET010 -  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Satellite Services & Equipment Policy
  • ITB NET016  -  Wireless Cellular Data Technology
  • ITB-SYM007 -  Guidelines for Deploying BlackBerry Devices in Commonwealth Agencies