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Landline phone services are covered under the commonwealth’s main telecommunications contract. Agencies can procure these services through the enterprise services management system (ESMS). For rate information, see the ESMS product catalog.


Questions concerning landline phone services can be directed to Michael Tweed, Geralyn Matscavage, Raphael Cuesta or Peter Shuntich in OA-Information Technology’s voice services department.

Assistance with landline phone equipment is available on the landline instruction & documentation page.

Toll-Free Numbers

Agencies can set up toll-free service through AT&T. Low volume numbers are handled through AT&T’s Readyline service. High volume numbers are through AT&T’s Megacom service. Costs vary depending on location.

  Intrastate Intralata Interstate
Readyline $0.0650 $0.0529 $0.0302
Megacom $0.0320 $0.0310 $0.0198

Call Routing
To route incoming toll-free calls, use the NPA NXX Listing.