Correctional Newsfront


This is the official newsletter of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


We are no longer producing a newsletter and instead are publishing news items directly to our website.  Click HERE to see regularly-updated news items. (Posted June 11, 2013)


2013 Newsfront

NEW! Employee Recognition Issue 

Corrections Department Releases "Landmark" State Recidivism Study -- Also in this issue:  DOC releases SIP report; DOC/Cheyney celebrate Black History Month; Fatherhood program; Accreditation; Singapor officials visit DOC; European Prisons Tour; Facility News.

Corrections Population Decrease is Largest One-Year Drop Since 1971 - Also in this issue:  Feicht Named PREA Manager; Koreans Visit DOC; Experts Tour Prisons; Statistical Report Release; When is a Basketball Just a Basketball?; "Read To Your Child"; Employees Receive Awards; Facility News; Volunteers Recognized.


2012 Newsfront

Governor Corbett Signs Justice Reinvestment Bill - Also in this issue:  Managing Gangs; Superintendent Changes; Key Staff Changes; A Psychological Change; State-County Beds; Where are PV Centers?; Improved Inspections; Beard Receives Award; Military Veterans Housing; and MUCH MORE!

Criminal Justice Reform Act Signed Into Law -- Also in this issue:  Moore Smeal is a Trailblazer; CoGeneration Plant Dedicated; County Commitment Papers; Inmate Accountability Bank; K-9 Officers Attend Event; Facility News; Facilities Continue to Empower Employees; Congratulations!

Employee Recognition Issue

SCI Greene Employees Play Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team - Also in this issue:  PA Empowers Women; Wetzel's Budget Testimony; Ronay Leads Reentry Efforts; Residents Clean Up City; Letters of Thanks; Wetzel on the Speaking Circuit; Meal Tickets Save Money; Studying Trauma; Day of Responsibility; Distance Learning Upgrades.

CORRECTION TO "IGWF Pays for IDs for Indigent Offenders" article:  The cost for a non-driver's photo id is $13.50, not $12 as reported.  Also, the article said that IGWF will pay for a non-driver's photo ID for indigent offenders.  However, the DOC will provide a non-driver's photo ID for ALL inmates being released who do not have a current form of ID.  This includes, but is not limited to, indigent inmates.

Employees Revamp Mission Statement - Also in this issue:  New Law to Save Money; Helping Incarcerated Vets; Peer Support Specialists; Legislative Process Overview; Right-To-Know; General DOC News; Obtaining Re-entry Documents; Re-entry Recognition.


2011 Newsfront

DOC Holds Community Corrections Summit -- Also in this issue:  What is a Community Corrections Center?; Secretary Wetzel Outlines Plans for Community Corrections in Pennsylvania.

Educating Inmates in the PA DOC 

Changes to Prison Emergency Notification Began Oct. 1 -- Also in this issue:  Agencies Join UP to Help Offenders Succeed; Fine Dining; Time to Eat; Sharing Knowledge; One Way Ticket; Program Encourages Hiring Ex-Offenders; Repair or Replace; Facility News; Who's Running Our Prisons; 28 Agencies; NIC Training; Certified Peer Support.

Earthquake, Hurricane Irene & Tropical Storm Lee -- DOC deals with several emergencies in short period of time.

Activating an Area Command -- Also in this issue:  Agencies team up to help offenders succeed; Long Term Offender programming piloted; DOC looks at outcomes associated with differential-duration therapeutic communities; what is accreditation?; Inmates making local impact; facility news.

Striving to be Efficient and Effective -- Also in this issue:  Graterford project redefined; deputy secretaries named; Michigan inmates returned; expansion projects; clearing the air; re-entry via county jails; Folino - warden of the year; new superintendents named; facility news; community works program; Correctional Industries; sign up for AlertPA prison emergency notifications.

Corrections Officials Honor Employees During Annual Ceremony 

Corbett Nominates Wetzel as Corrections Secretary -- Also in this issue:  DOC Cancels Plans for State Prison in Fayette County; DOC Releases Performance Reports (on SIP and RRRI); Dogs in Pennsylvania's State Prisons; SCI Waymart Donates Doghouses to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter; Reburial Services Held for Remains Found During Construction Project; Keeping You Notified of State Prison Emergencies.