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Prior Learning Assessment – Policy and Practice in PA

With an increased emphasis on a “highly-skilled workforce”, students of all ages are exploring ways to expand their skills and get the education and training they need to stay in their current jobs, find employment or compete for higher-paying positions.

Yet, for many, beginning a program or completing a college degree is difficult due to financial constraints, limited time, family and professional obligations and so much more.

For these students, prior learning assessment may be the solution.

Students – Turn Your Life Long Learning into College Credit!
Adult learners have personal and professional learning experiences that often can earn them college credit and set them on a path toward a degree in higher education. Colleges and universities refer to this as "prior learning" since the experiences occurred before enrolling in college. Learn how you can save time and money by taking advantage of prior learning assessment opportunities.

Administrators – Learn How Institutions Use PLA to Reach Adult Learners
When learning takes place in a non-traditional learning environment and is equivalent to college-level learning, institutions turn to prior learning assessment to explore options for students to obtain college credit. Discover how institutions across Pennsylvania have implemented PLA and how new state-supported PLA Guidelines are encouraging institutions to expand their PLA offerings.

The Pennsylvania Prior Learning Assessment Consortium
PLA is offered by most institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania. Use this site to access the membership list for the Pennsylvania Prior Learning Assessment Consortium  (PAPLAC), a group of Commonwealth institutions that offer various PLA opportunities and have agreed to abide by state recommended guidelines for PLA. Not a member of the Consortium?  Find out how you can join. 

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