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Sexual Violence Awareness
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Private Licensed Schools, colleges, universities and seminaries are required to comply with Act 104 of November 17, 2010, which requires all institutions of post-secondary education to establish a sexual violence awareness educational program for full-time students.

The legislation establishes the requirements for the awareness program that each institution must establish and encourages collaboration with a statewide nonprofit organization, local rape crisis center or local sexual assault program.

Institutions are also required to conduct a follow-up program, such as lectures, institutional activities and videos and other educational materials related to sexual violence prevention and awareness, for the duration of the school year for new students.

Further, a student bill of rights, consistent with the campus sexual assault victims' bill of rights under section 485(f)(8) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. ยง 1092(f)(8)), must be made available to students.

The legislation also requires institutions to report to the Pennsylvania Department of Education the implementation of the education program.

Click the links below to access Article XX-G and the Department's letter to all institutions.

Sexual Violence Education Letter to the Colleges, Universities and Schools (PDF)

Sexual Violence Education at Institutions of Higher Education Article XX-G (Art, Added Nov. 17, 2010, P.>, No. 1040) (PDF)

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