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What You Should Know About Your Enrollment Agreement

What follows is a list of all the items each Private Licensed School should have in their enrollment agreement. It is not an exhaustive list; schools may include more information than what is required by state regulation (22 Pa. ยง Code 73.121 & 122). If you are a prospective student, ask to see a copy of this form and read it carefully before signing to make sure you understand all of the elements. If you are an enrolled student, read over your agreement periodically to make sure you know your responsibilities for payment, attendance, etc. If you have questions, first consult with a representative from you school. Any questions or concerns unresolved by the school may be relayed to our office for follow-up.

  1. The school name and address.
  2. The student's name.
  3. The title of the program or course.
  4. The time required to complete the program or course. The number of clock hours or credit hours or lessons, and the number of weeks or months required to complete the course or program.
  5. The type of award the student will receive upon successful completion of the program or course (certificate, diploma or degree).
  6. The costs including the following when applicable:
    a) Total tuition for the program, b) Estimated costs for books and supplies (if the costs for books and supplies are included in the tuition, this shall be clearly explained), c) If interest or finance charges, or both, will be charged, the total amount of these charges shall be listed in accordance with Federal truth-in-lending and State retail installment requirements, d) Room and board (if the school provides room or board, or both for students, the enrollment agreement shall specify that a separate agreement shall be entered into for that purpose), and e) Other costs and charges, such as application fee, student activity fee or laboratory fees shall be listed.
  7. The method and terms of payment shall be clearly stated and shall comply with Federal truth-in-lending and State retail installment requirements.
  8. The starting date of the scheduled program or course for resident programs.
  9. Reference to the policies and procedures for termination or cancellation by the school or by the student contained in the school's student information publication
  10. Details of the school's refund policy for cancellation or termination of an enrollment agreement.
  11. Employment Assistance guarantee disclaimer, if employment assistance is provided.
  12. Complaint procedure and statement informing students that:
    There is an individual at the school whom questions or concerns may be directed regarding the school's satisfying the terms of the enrollment agreement. This individual shall be identified by title. The school is licensed or registered - as applicable - by the Board. Questions or concerns that are not satisfactorily resolved by the person designated above or by other school officials may be brought to the attention of the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education, 333 Market Street, 12th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333.
  13. A statement verifying that the student has received and read the school's catalog.
  14. The agreement shall state it is not binding until it is accepted by a representative of the school, or, if appropriate, in the headquarters of the school group.
  15. The agreement shall contain an acknowledgement that signers have received and read a copy of the enrollment agreement.
  16. An enrollment agreement shall be dated and signed by the applicant, and, if a minor, the applicant's parent or guardian and by a representative of the school. A copy of the enrollment agreement shall be retained by the school and a fully signed copy shall be given to the student or parent or guardian.
  17. If the enrollment agreement is longer than one side of a single sheet of paper, each side shall clearly refer to the conditions on the other side as being part of the agreement. If more than one page is used, each page shall be numbered.

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