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What You Should Know About Your Student Catalog

What follows is a list of all the items each private licensed school should have in their student catalog. It is not an exhaustive list; schools may include more information than what is required by state regulation (22 Pa. Code ยง 73.61, 62 & 63). If you are a prospective student, ask to see a copy of this publication to get details on programs available, admissions requirements, student services and responsibilities, etc. If you are an enrolled student, re-read your school catalog periodically to make note of any program changes and graduation requirements. If you have questions, first consult with a representative from your school. Any questions or concerns unresolved by the school may be relayed to our office for follow-up.

  1. The name and address of the school.
  2. Date of publication may not exceed 3 years.
  3. Admission requirements and procedures.
  4. The educational objectives of the program, including the name, occupation and level.
  5. The number of clock hours or credit hours of instruction in each course or the length of time in weeks or months normally required for completion or the number of lessons contained in the program or course.
  6. The courses offered specifying sufficiently the subjects included to identify the coverage of the program.
  7. A general description of the school's physical facilities.
  8. Policies relating to tardiness, absences, makeup work, conduct, terminiation and other rules of the school or reference to the policies in another school publication, which contains the information.
  9. The grading system.
  10. Requirements for graduation.
  11. A statement that clearly defines whether a certificate, diploma or specialized degree is awarded upon graduation.
  12. A statement of tuition and other student charges related to the enrollment, or reference to the statement in another school publication that contains the information.
  13. A statement of the cancellation and refund policy of the school. It must be identical to policy stated in the enrollment agreement.
  14. A description of placement assistance, if available, to students and graduates.
  15. A description of available students services, if provided.
  16. A school calendar, including holidays and either beginning and ending dates of courses and programs or a statement regarding the frequency of class starting policy or reference to the calendar in another student publication which contains the information.
  17. A statement concerning the transfer of credit hours.

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