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What You Should Know About Your Transcript and Certificate/Diploma

All private license schools are required by regulation to maintain student records. This file should include at a minimum a transcript of academic performance, containing your name, identifying number, program or course attended, grades for all subjects taken, date of entrance, date of graduation or withdrawal and the award received upon completion.

As a student enrolled in a private licensed school, you have the right to review your student file. You should also take the initiative to maintain your own copies of important documents, such as payment receipts, student loan agreements, course exams, transcripts, etc. A school may make copies of these documents available to you at no charge or for a small fee.

All private license schools are permitted to make one or two awards to students upon program completion: certificate or diploma. Certificates are generally awarded for the completion of a single course of study, whereas a diploma is generally awarded for the completion of a series of courses.

Some schools have also been permitted to award a degree called Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) or Associate in Specialized Business (ASB). Schools must submit a separate application in order to obtain approval to award both of these degrees.

Please Note: The Division of Higher & Career Education cannot guarantee the value or acceptability of any school's credential, either to a potential employer or another institution. You may review a separate statement on school licensure, accreditation, transferability and industry standards at "" on our home page.

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