Project Approval Process

Agencies must get approval before initiating any IT project that meets the parameters defined in ITP-EPM006 – IT Projects and Project Management.  The approval process occurs as following::

  • Agency CIOs/IT managers complete the Project Request Form (PRF) and Project Scaling Worksheet (PSW) located in the Forms and templates folder on IT Central.
  • Once completed and approved by the agency CIO, the forms are then uploaded to the appropriate year in the Agency project submission by year folder on IT Central.
  • When approved, OA/OIT will create a Project ID (please refer to Management Directive 310.37) and the appropriate signatures are added to the PRF. 
  • OA/OIT will then post the approved PRF into the appropriate year in the Agency project approvals by year folder on IT Central.

Architectural Review

In the event an agency chooses to seek an exemption, a request for waiver is required as outlined under ITP PRO001 – IT Procurement Review Process, and ITP BUS004 -- IT Waiver Review Process. Requests are submitted online by the agency CIO/IT Manager or authorized designee via the secure Community of Practice Procurement and Architectural Review (COPPAR) website at

Out-of-Cycle Project Submissions

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may necessitate an out-of-cycle project submission. OA-Information Technology will review out-of-cycle submissions for projects that meet one or more of these conditions:

  • The project was previously submitted but placed on hold, pending more research, during the annual CoP project planning and approval process.
  • The project is an agency secretary priority. 
  • The project is a Governor’s Office priority.
  • The project is mandated by the federal or state legislature.
  • New funding opportunities arise. For example, new grants or other types of funding become available, or existing projects are completed early or discontinued, making additional resources available.