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Service Engagement Request Process (SERP)

The Service Engagement Request Process (SERP) provides a consistent methodology and review process agencies can use to request selected OA/OIT services. SERP is for new projects and events, and for items that require new or substantial design or system study. It is not for changes to existing services already provided by OA-OIT, or for Data Powerhouse (DPH) requests for service (RFS).

The process is:

  • Agency submits SERP request online at https://www.sp.state.pa.us. If access is needed please contact Jason Salvaggio, Service Portfolio Manager, Enterprise Services:  (p) 346-7310 or (e) jsalvaggio@pa.gov
  • The Bureau of Enterprise Services reviews request internally. If found to be valid, the request is sent to the appropriate Service Owner(s) for review.
  • The Service Owners(s) will accept or reject the SERP request based on the information provided.  If additional information is needed, an agency representative will be requested to attend the weekly Friday AM meeting, scheduled by Jason, to discuss the request.
  • If accepted, the detailed requirements for the SERP are gathered as part of the Service Owners’ process. The solution is then developed and submitted back to the agency for acceptance, rejection or request for revision.

Projects submitted for SERP review generally must be funded by the requesting agency, and SERP does not replace the Procurement or Project Approval Process.