Procured Applications

Agencies can procure applications in 2 ways:

  • Primary software contract
    Statewide contracts enable agencies to procure supplies and/or services from established vendors in an expedited way. Most software is purchased using the ASAP/Dell contract.
  • Enterprise license agreement
    OA-Information Technology negotiates enterprise license agreements for certain applications. Each of these applications has a designated contact for procurement and support. View enterprise licensed applications and contacts.

Enterprise IT Standards Quick Reference Guide

The Enterprise IT Standards Quick Reference Guide lists all products that have been standardized for use in the commonwealth. The guide includes product specifications for various IT needs, including desktop software, requirement management, data modeling, firewall software and more.

Get Support

For problems with enterprise standard software, you can escalate a ticket in Remedy, or call the enterprise IT help desk at 877.836.7771 or 717.506.1079. For problems with non-enterprise software, agencies must work with the software vendor.