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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Procurement Handbook Online. This handbook provides information on the policies, procedures and guidelines for the procurement of materials, services, and construction under the authority of Act 57 of 1998.  

Utilizing the workflow technology, this handbook will provide you with current, real time procurement information, policies and procedures. The enhanced search functionality will also help enable you to find answers to your questions quickly and easily.  

Please check back here for the latest procurement information since updates occur regularly.  

The Procurement Handbook is not available for download or print as a whole document. The individual handbook chapters, which are accessible from this page, can be downloaded or printed separately. This is the only version of the Commonwealth's official Procurement Handbook.  

Should you have any questions or recommended updates regarding the Online Procurement handbook or technical issues with the web site, please send an email to gs-procure@pa.gov.  

Additional information on procurement policy is available from the Procurement Code (Title 62-Procurement). This document incorporates the 2002, 2004 and 2007 amendments to the Code.

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