For information on Project Review under Section 106 and PA History Code, please visit the Preservation Services section of our Web site.

This section of The Pennsylvania Archaeology website contains resources and information for professional researchers. It's divided into four sections.

Guidelines and Policies contains information on the environmental review process, PHMC policy statements, and forms and guidelines in downloadable format.

Archaeology Publications features publications available online.

Resources  available include:

  • Database search of unpublished manuscripts located at The State Museum of Pennsylvania.
  • Database search of information on artifact collections housed at The State Museum of Pennsylvania.
  • A searchable database of cultural resource management reports housed at the Bureau for Historic Preservation, including at least 1800 abstracts, is available through the Cultural Resources GIS.
  • Also planned, but further in the future, is a searchable database of radiocarbon dates .
  • An outline for the Synthesis of Pennsylvania Archaeology .  This series is currently in preparation.
  • Watershed syntheses prepared as part of cultural resource management projects.
  • Summaries of current research projects being conducted in the Commonwealth.

PHMC Archaeology presents professional papers delivered by PHMC staff members, as well as information on Commonwealth's Archaeology Program (CAP) projects.


Links for Professionals