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Home Education & Private Tutoring
Providing information and assistance with Act 169. This law amended the Pennsylvania School Code to allow parents or guardians to homeschool their children as an option to compulsory school attendance.

Homebound Instruction
A school district, area vocational technical school, charter school, independent school, private school or non-public school may temporarily excuse a student from compulsory attendance on account of illness or other urgent reasons and provide that student homebound instruction while he or she is excused from school. The laws and regulations relating to homebound instruction are explained.

Mandate Waivers
The Education Empowerment Act which includes the Mandate Waiver law expired on June 30, 2010.   PDE's authority to rule upon Mandate Waiver applications expired with the statute. PDE is unable to process Mandate Waiver requests because legislative action to continue the program has not occurred as of this date. Please contact us at RA-PDEMANDATEWAIVER@pa.gov  if you have any questions.