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Articulation Information of SOAR: 


The SOAR Program Agreement: Articulation for advanced credit transfer is made possible when Perkins-allocated postsecondary institutions and Pennsylvania secondary schools offering SOAR programs agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Perkins Statewide Articulation Agreement. This agreement outlines the general agreement conditions between secondary and postsecondary institutions and student qualification measures allowing for the student to acquire postsecondary education credits leading to an industry-recognized credential or certificate at the postsecondary level or an associate or baccalaureate degree.


To view the agreement, go to Perkins Statewide Articulation Agreement (PDF)



SOAR Advanced College Credit Opportunities: 

SOAR Programs offer qualifying students advanced credit(s) with partnering postsecondary institutions in aligned CTE programs. To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with postsecondary institutions, go to the equivalency search results at CollegeTransfer.net.


Coversheet for Secondary Competency Task List (PDF)


Sample - Secondary Competency Task List Format for Student Documentation (PDF)


Student Documentation Coversheet for Programs of Study Articulation Agreements (PDF)

2013-14 CATS Approved Secondary Schools with POS Delivery (PDF)

2012-13 CATS Approved Secondary Schools with POS Delivery  (PDF)

2011-12 CATS Approved Secondary Schools with POS Delivery  (PDF)

2010-11 CATS Approved Secondary Schools With POS Delivery (PDF)


2009-10 CATS Approved Secondary Schools With POS Delivery (PDF)




Map of Career and Technology Centers and Sending School Districts:The map below shows sending schools as reported by EDNA. 

ftp://ftp.dot.state.pa.us/public/pdf/BPR_PDF_FILES/MAPS/Education/AVTS_School_Districts.pdf (PDF) This map is for reference purposes only. School District boundaries are approximate.


How SOAR high school programs are accepted at postsecondary schools:

CollegeTransfer.net - Transfer Center
Aspire | Assess | Articulate

Click Here to see how
SOAR Programs are accepted at higher education institutions

For additional information, please contact:

David Garnes |
Pennsylvania Department of Education - Bureau of Career and Technical Education
333 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
Phone: 717.783.6859 | Fax: 717.783.6672
dgarnes@pa.gov | www.education.state.pa.us