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The Department of General Services, Public Works, Bureau of Professional Selections and Administrative Services provides the core functionality throughout Public Works. The Bureau advertises for professional design services and construction contracting opportunities. The Bureau provides its documents within this website, such as Instructions to Bidders, General Conditions, Professional Agreement, Administrative Procedures and all related forms to enable our clients to participate in our various programs to design projects, to bid contracts, and to successfully execute commissions received.

DGS Public Works began implementing the utilization of E-Alerts for Construction Bid Opportunities December 18, 2006. E-Alerts will provide subscribers with advanced electronic notification of upcoming Bid Opportunities relative to DGS Public Works Construction Projects. Register and subscribe today!

To subscribe to the Construction Bid Opportunities E-Alerts, you must first register on the Department of General Services (DGS) website by clicking on the Register button located at the bottom left hand side of this page. Once you have completed your registration, please login using your User ID and Password and then click on the “E-Alerts Subscription Service” link located on the left hand navigation menu. Next, click on "View All Public Works - Construction Bid Opportunities Topics" and select the E-Alert topics for which you wish to subscribe. 
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