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Monroe County

2011-2012  Property Tax Relief Information

School District
Property Tax Reduction Allocation
Number of
Approved Homesteads
and Farmsteads
Estimated Tax Relief per Homestead and Farmstead
120452003 East Stroudsburg Area SD Monroe $4,341,927.75 11,014
120455203 Pleasant Valley SD Monroe $4,062,758.17 9,080
120455403 Pocono Mountain SD Monroe $6,207,502.36 15,996
120456003 Stroudsburg Area SD Monroe $2,656,267.29 7,996

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Number of approved homesteads and farmsteads were provided by county tax assessment offices. Missing data (displayed as empty cells) will be updated as it is received.

** The actual amount of tax relief per homestead and farmstead will be calculated by each school district and will differ from this estimate.

Last Update: May 27, 2011