Protective Services

Protective Services

Signs of elder abuse – Although these signs do not always mean elder abuse, it is important to be aware that elder abuse can occur at anytime to anyone:

  • Bruises or broken bones
  • Weight loss
  • Dementia may be blamed on “old age” when the real cause is malnutrition or drug interactions or side effects.
  • The older person never goes outside or never sees visitors
  • Withdrawing large sums of money from a savings account without apparent reason
  • Signing over his or her home to a relative

Criminal History Background Checks Quick Links
New phone number 717-265-7887

Please Note: Effective Sept. 15, 2007, the fee for processing Federal Criminal History Background Checks has increase to $30.25.

Additional information on Criminal History Background Checks has moved to the Long-Term Living section within the Professionals and Providers area of this site. Click here to go to Criminal History Background Checks.