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To place an order with the Bureau of Publications, visit our online ordering system at www.PAPublisher.state.pa.us. 

If you don't have an account in PAPublisher, you can order through one of our Word-based order forms.  Please note that these forms are being phased out.  Therefore, sign up for a PAPublisher account now.

To request a commercial quote, please complete a Commercial Print Specification Forms

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1650 Bobali Drive, Harrisburg
For Customer Service - Graphic Design - Printing - Sign Shop Services 

Contact Us - Publications  
  • Marcie Pesta

  •      marpesta@pa.gov
  • Jeff Gensemer

  •      jgensemer@pa.gov
         Business Workflow Specialist
  • Craig Andrews

  •      crandrews@pa.gov
         Editor 3
  • Dave McCloskey

  •      damccloske@pa.gov
         Print & Mail Production Manager
  • Elizabeth Schehr

  •      eschehr@pa.gov
         Administrative & Customer
        Support Manager
    FAQ - Publications  
    Q:  How long will it take for my job to get produced?
    A:  That depends on the job specifications and …
    Q:  Did I complete my order form correctly?
    A:  Our Customer Account Managers are ready to …
    Q:  Do you charge for your services?
    A:  Yes, because the Bureau of Publications does not …
    Q:  How much does it cost?
    A:  It varies, based on the order specifications …
    Q:  What's the status of my job now?
    A:  Contact your Customer Account Manager to check …