PHRC publishes materials designed to educate the public about their civil rights, and to promote equal opportunity and diversity. Publications may be downloaded free and reprinted without permission. Materials can also be requested by email to or by phone at 717-783-8266.

Please remember to include a mailing address and contact phone number or email address. If you are requesting materials for a specific event, please tell us about the date, type and location of the event.  Please allow at least two weeks for us to fill your request.

Required Posters

Section 5 of the PA Human Relations Act requires entities subject to the act, such as businesses, schools, housing providers and housing lenders to post specific notices.  The notices inform the public of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

General Publications

Brochures include general topics such as facts about discrimination, and specific subjects such as sexual harassment, age discrimination, predatory lending, disability discrimination and questions employers can and shouldn't ask in job interviews.

Annual Report

PHRC Annual Reports include statistics about the type and number of discrimination complaints filed in PA each year, legal orders issued, and other information about the commission's work promoting equal opportunity and enforcing non-discrimination laws.

Diversity Posters

PHRC posters for display in schools, businesses and elswhere, are designed to promote diversity and educate about civil rights and equal opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions