Questions about Process and Procedures

  • What do I or my company need to do when we are charged with allegations of discrimination?

    You should provide all information that is requested from you.

  • Do we have to come to the fact-finding hearing?

    The fact finding conference and is not a hearing. PHRC cannot require attendance at the conference. It is to your benefit to attend, however, in order to discuss the possibility of settlement and to provide evidence that will allow the Commission to quickly reach an appropriate decision if a settlement is not reached.

  • Who should we bring to the fact-finding conference?

    All persons who participated in making the decisions in question as well as those persons who have the authority to speak for the company and to sign legal papers. If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney may also wish to attend.

  • What should we bring to the fact-finding conference?

    Whatever the investigator states is needed to complete your investigation. You should also bring anything else you may have, which you believe will help the investigator reach a decision.

  • How can I avoid having discrimination charges filed against me?

    Unless the basis of a case is obviously frivolous, just from looking at the complaint, the Commission has an obligation to investigate every timely and jurisdictional complaint it receives. However, the best way to avoid having discrimination charges filed against you is to know the law and not to discriminate. Having sound policies and procedures and applying them equally will go a long way to prevent a complaint being filed against you. Be clear that you do not tolerate unlawful discrimination in your work, housing or public accommodation environment and follow up to make sure that none occurs. Have an effective internal grievance procedure and make sure your employees know how to use it.