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24 P.S. §13-1327.1


DATE OF ISSUE:       September 1, 1997

DATE OF REVIEW:     March 15, 2009

June 30, 2004

July 1, 2000




Section 1327.1 of the Pennsylvania School Code provides for a home education program designed to permit a parent, guardian or legal custodian ("supervisor") who has a high school diploma or its equivalent to conduct a home education program for his or her child or children. This BEC provides a listing of the requirements for the supervisor to establish a home education program, a list of acceptable tests to fulfill the law’s requirements, and sample affidavit form for use by the supervisor.




Prior to the commencement of a home education program and annually thereafter between July 1 and Aug 1, the supervisor must submit a notarized affidavit to the Superintendent of the school district in accordance with Section 1327.1(b)(1) and 1327(d). Attached to this BEC are sample affidavits that may be used by the supervisor of a home education program. These samples are not exclusive and the use of other forms is also permissible as long as all required information is provided. In addition to the notarized affidavit, the parent, guardian or legal custodian must attach: 1) educational objectives for the subjects to be taught, 2) evidence (records or a letter from the physician) that the child or children have been immunized as required by School Code Sec. 1303(a) and 3) evidence (records or a letter from the physician) that the child or children have received medical services required for students of the child’s or children’s age or grade level, or religious exemption for these two requirements. Regulation found in 22 Pa. Code §11.31a states that school district approval is not required to commence a home education program when all necessary paperwork has been filed.


School districts must allow students who are in a home education program in their school district to participate in activities under 24 P.S. §5-511 such as, but not limited to, clubs, musical ensembles, athletics and theatrical productions.


We strongly encourage school districts to provide supervisors with current planned courses, texts and other curriculum materials immediately following a supervisor's request for these materials.


It is the Department's view that friendly compliance with the home education law is in the best interest of children and their education. For example, school districts can extend to supervisors of home education programs the opportunity to have home educated children participate in the district's health program, since these students must receive the same health tests as public school students. School districts may allow home educated students to participate in curricular courses and count that instructional time towards subsidy. We encourage school districts to establish policy and procedures for home education, including procedures addressing enrollment of students from home education programs.




The Pennsylvania School Code, 24 P.S. §13-1327.1(e)(1) states that the portfolio for home education students in grades 3, 5 and 8 must include the results of the statewide tests for reading/language arts and mathematics or nationally normed standardized achievements tests. If the supervisor of the home education program requests that the student(s) take the PSSA, the school district must allow the student to take the test at the school building the home education student would normally attend or other accommodations agreed to by the school district and the parent. The Department has approved the following nationally normed standardized tests for use by home education programs if they choose not to take the statewide test:


  1. California Achievement Test
  2. Comprehensive Testing Program (CTPIV)
  3. Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  4. Metropolitan Achievement Test
  5. Peabody Achievement Individual Test – Revised Version
  6. Stanford Achievement Test
  7. Terra Nova
  8. Woodcock-Johnson Revised Tests of Achievement III
  9. Woodcock-Johnson IV
  10. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test III (WIAT-III) 

The following additional tests were accepted until June 30, 2009:


  1. Comprehensive Testing Program (CTPII)
  2. Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
  3. Peabody Individual Test
  4. Wide Range Achievement Test
  5. Woodcock Johnson Revised Tests of Achievement




School districts are encouraged to establish written policies on home education, including procedures for submitting the affidavits at the beginning of the school year and portfolio of records and materials at the end of the year, PSSA test taking, enrollment procedures for home education students, and participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Information about home education in Pennsylvania, including the Pennsylvania law on home education and related statutes, regulations, Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) and a list of home education organizations serving Pennsylvania families, is available on our Home Education and Private Tutoring website.




Purdon's Statutes


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24 P.S. §13-1327.1

24 P.S. Article 14




Elementary - School Age Student Sample Affidavit (This is a PDF file and requires Acrobat Reader)


Secondary - School Age Student Sample Affidavit (This is a PDF file and requires Acrobat Reader)



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