What is the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program? (RACP)

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RACP is a commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

***Given the current economic conditions throughout portions of Pennsylvania, it will be the priority of the commonwealth to focus limited available capital funding on those projects that display significant potential for improving economic growth and the creation of jobs. The Office of the Budget (OB) will require sufficient information and documentation indicating a project's estimated economic impact and the potential for job creation. OB will expect all Business Plans to thoroughly discuss the regional and/or multi-jurisdictional economic impact of the project. In order to explain the project's impact, OB encourages Candidates to use maps and expand on the following points:

  • Number of direct (permanent, non-construction) jobs created by the project
  • Number of indirect (permanent) jobs created by support/supplier industries and secondary industries attracted by the project
  • Average wage for direct and indirect jobs
  • Economic circumstances of the host municipality's and county's population
  • Project's potential to enhance regional vitality
  • Annual spending generated by the project during normal operations, excluding construction spending
  • Annual spending that would be generated by support/supplier industries and secondary businesses attracted by the project
  • Total state and local tax generation (payroll, sales, corporate, etc.)
  • Benefit to regional population, either directly or indirectly, from the project as a result of its day-to-day operations
  • Blighted area and/or facility elimination and/or reuse



  • Candidate—any entity that has an authorized eligible project and, subsequently, has submitted a business plan but has not received an award or rejection letter. For project eligibility requirements, please see the Program Guidelines section of this website.
  • Applicant—an eligible entity that has submitted a RACP Application for a project that has received a RACP Award Letter. It may be the candidate itself, or if they’re not an eligible applicant, a separate “sponsor” entity selected by the candidate.
  • Sub-applicant—in cases where a RACP Candidate is not an eligible Applicant, the Candidate becomes the Sub-applicant and selects an eligible Applicant to “sponsor” them and submit the Application.
  • Grantee—an Applicant that meets eligibility requirements and has received a grant agreement for execution. For Grantee eligibility requirements, please see the Program Guidelines section of this website.
  • Sub-grantee—an entity that, through the cooperation of a Grantee, will utilize RACP funds for an eligible project.

***Only those Candidates whose Business Plan has been approved by the Selection Committee and have received an Award Letter should submit an Application.***