Reentry & Community Transition

Vacant, Director
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The Reentry & Community Transition Office is responsible for the oversight of reentry initiatives at all Department of Corrections facilities as well as the security, treatment, and programming delivery at all community corrections facilities throughout the Commonwealth.  This approach offers a full continuum of care from incarceration – through release – through supervision – until discharge.  The office serves as the primary contact and liaison for state, county and local offices, organizations and agencies and for establishing policy with respect to reentry efforts.  The Bureau of Community Corrections and the Reentry Office are divisions of this office.


The Reentry Office is responsible for working with facility staff to establish and maintain relationships with state, community reentry groups and agencies in an effort to have optimum resources available to offenders prior to and upon their release from prison. Coordinated efforts ensure that offenders obtain appropriate documents prior to release from prison – such as Social Security cards, identification cards, and driver’s licenses -- in addition to benefits for which they may be eligible – such as medical assistance or veterans benefits.  Cultivating relationships with volunteer groups, faith-based organizations and service providers is an on-going effort of this office. 

Mary Finck, Reentry Program Manager
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The Bureau of Community Corrections is responsible for residential facilities located in various Pennsylvania communities.  The department operates 14 and contracts for services with nearly 50 community corrections centers throughout the Commonwealth in an effort to place residents as close to their community as possible. These facilities provide a transitional process by allowing residents monitored contact with employment, educational and treatment program opportunities.  Centers house inmates granted parole by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.  Parolees in the centers begin to take charge of their lives, transition steadily into the community, pay subsistence and others fees while awaiting parole authority to an approved residence. 

Jack Sommers, Director
Bureau of Community Corrections
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