Statutes Related to PCCD

Act 1978-74 Created as successor to Governor's Justice Commission;
Act 1984-2 As amended. Establishing the Deputy Sheriffs' Education and Training Board within PCCD;
Act 1984-96 As amended. Establishing a Technical Assistance and Grant Program for Crime Victims' Services;
Act 1990-193  Providing for County Intermediate Punishment Programs;
Act 1990-201 Providing for Sentencing to Intermediate Punishment;
Act 1991-13 Amending Intermediate Punishment Sentencing;
Act 1994-44 Establishing the Constables’ Education and Training Board within PCCD;
Act 1995-27S Establishing the Bureau of Victims’ Services within the PCCD and transferring to it the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Crime Victim's Compensation Board.
Act 1995-75 Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to establish the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Fund.
Act 1998-111 Codification of victims' related statutes into the "Crime Victims Act";
Act 1998-152 Establishing a Senior Citizen Advisory Committee within PCCD;
Act 2000-41 Providing for sentences of partial confinement and intermediate punishment;
Act 2000-86 Amends the Crime Victims Act by establishing the Bill of Rights for Victims of Juvenile Crime;
Act 2001-30 Amends the act establishing PCCD by expanding the membership and provides the responsibilities for the activities of the Governor's Community Partnership for Safe Children and the Weed and Seed Program;
Act 2002-146 Establishing the Targeted Community Revitalization and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee within PCCD; and
Act 2002-198 Providing for Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction Fund and imposing assessments.