Pennsylvania Tax Lien List

The following files provide details of all tax liens filed by the PA Department of Revenue since July 2009.

Information on this website is public as a result of liens filed by the Revenue Department. Each lien is recorded in the county prothonotary’s office where the person lives or does business. The amounts listed on the website represent the original lien amounts. The current amount of tax due may differ from the amount listed on the site because of partial payments and/or the accrual of additional interest since the tax lien was filed.

Summary of Files

The first file summarizes all liens filed after July 2009 and lien amounts by county.

The following two files provide details about the liens, including the following:

  • Name of the business or individual against whom each lien was filed;
  • City, state and county of last known address for the tax delinquent;
  • Tax type and liability amount for which the lien was filed; and
  • Docket number and date for each lien.
  • An asterisk to the left of a taxpayer’s name indicates that the amount at issue is under appeal and that the taxpayer has not provided the Department with an appeal bond or other adequate financial security.
  • Liens newly added since the previous list are emboldened.

The detailed files present the same information about each lien; one file is sorted by lien amount (highest to lowest), and the other is sorted by county of last known address (alphabetically).

Interpreting Tax Types:

Anyone appearing on the list should call the Revenue Department at 717-783-3000 to make payment arrangements.