Select Bibliography for Postwar Suburbs Research

This selected bibliography has been compiled with the goal of furnishing an overview of the various types of resources available for research on the history of Pennsylvania's postwar suburban development.  This select bibliography is available in a pdf document  (In this version, resources that are available from the State Library of Pennsylvania are denoted by a keystone symbol).

Reference Tools

  • Ames, David L. and Linda Flint McClelland. Historic Residential Suburbs: Guidelines for Evaluation and Documentation for the National Register of Historic Places.  Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, September 2002.  Available online (PDF)
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  • Pennsylvania State Data Center. “The Commonwealth’s Official Source for Demographic and Economic Data – Official Liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau.” Available online 

Primary Sources (Specific to Pennsylvania)


  • Another Community Studies its Schools:  Five School Districts of Dauphin County Consider Plans for the Improvement of their Educational Facilities.  Harrisburg, PA: The Dauphin County Branch of the Pennsylvania Economy League, Inc., 1949.
  • Pennsylvania Bureau of Vocational, Technical and Continuing Education. Achievement Report on Area Vocational-Technical School Developments: 1963 to June 30, 1968. Harrisburg: The Department, 1968.


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  • Lawrence County Regional Planning Commission.  An Airport Plan for Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.  New Castle:  1965. 
  • Luzerne County Planning Commission. Airport Report. Wilkes-Barre, PA: 1966. 
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Primary Sources (General)

Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Spaces

  • Callender, John. Before You Buy a House. New York:  Crown Publishers, 1953. 
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Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies

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Secondary Sources (Specific to Pennsylvania)

Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Spaces

  • Reed, Peter. Toward Form: Louis I. Kahn’s Urban Designs for Philadelphia, 1939-1962. Ph.D. Diss. University of Pennsylvania, 1989.


  • Miner, Curtis. “Picture Window Paradise.” Pennsylvania Heritage 28 (Spring 2002), 12-21 (Levittown, PA).


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Secondary Sources (General)

Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Spaces

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