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Voting Needs

Pennsylvania residents have many unique voting needs. Select from the list above what best describes your situation...

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 Citizen with a Disability

In some cases, a polling place may not be easily accessible for those with disabilities. You can contact your local County Board of Elections to make sure ahead of time. Keep in mind that even if a polling place is deemed inacessible, you are entitled to bring a person of your choice to assist you in the voting process, provided that person is not a Judge of Elections, the voter’s union representative or employer. Simply fill out the Declaration of Need of Assistance form to specify the individual you have selected and submit it to your County Board of Elections.

If you have a disability and have been assigned to a polling place deemed inaccessible by the County Board of Elections, you can also vote by alternative ballot. 

Learn more about voting by alternative ballot.

If you are a person with a permanent disability, you may also apply for a permanent absentee ballot. 


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