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Cultural Resources Management Reports Database

In order to search the Cultural Resources Database, you will need to use the Cultural Resources GIS system (CRGIS).

Once logged in to the CRGIS either as public or a registered user, click on the Ask Regis button to enter the searchable database.

Screenshot: Click the Ask Regis buttons

Choose Archaeological Survey Report in the drop down menu.  You have the ability to search on many criteria. Location (Where) is the first option that shows. Select a radio button and click on the criteria you want.  In order to select many options, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard.  You can also narrow your search based time period (When)  and other critieria (What Else?) such as the Environmental Review number, Report Type, Agency, and Method.  Click the Search Now button once you have selected all the criteria.

Screenshot: Database search options

After the database has been searched, you will receive a list of results that match your criteria.  To see specific information about a report, click the row in the table of results.

Screenshot: Search results

You will see the Archaeological Survey Information in a new pop-up window.  This will include brief details on the report you selected.  To see more detailed information, click on the All Data button for a full report.

Screenshot: Resource data

For more information, please visit Cultural Resources GIS system (CRGIS). For more instruction on how to use the tools, visit the CRGIS help by clicking the yellow question mark on the opening page.