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Lesson plans for all four components, corresponding to each skill on the Foundation Skills Wheel, plus lesson plans adapted for distance learning. 

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The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) allows users to search in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner.  

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Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy: Research Briefs

Partnering with Families for Literacy Development publications from FINE (Family Involvement Network of Educators) at the Harvard Family Research Project include:

  • Parent Involvement and Early Literacy. Qiuyun Lin’s research reveals that parents’ involvement at school is related to children’s higher literacy, particularly for those from socially or economically disadvantaged families.  www.gse.harvard.edu/hfrp/projects/fine/resources/digest/literacy.html
  • Family Involvement Storybook Corner. The set of materials in this Storybook Corner show you how to use published children's storybooks with family involvement themes to engage families in their children's education, encourage family-school-community partnerships, and support literacy. Resources include a compilation of read-aloud storybooks with family involvement themes, research on family involvement in children's early literacy and tools for using storybooks.
The Early Learning Standards were developed as a joint project of the Departments of Education and Public Welfare and are intended to guide the development of pre-kindergarten programs. The Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards are designed as a framework for quality in pre kindergarten programs and to provide guidance about what children should know or be able to do when they enter kindergarten.

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