Rural Farm and Village Trail

Visit Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, where exhibits, artifacts and workshops highlight local farm history and the area’s rich German heritage. Special weekend workshops offer lessons in Pennsylvania German crafts, tavern cooking and trade demonstrations.

Old Economy VillageThe fields and gardens at Old Economy Village supported members of the Harmony Society as they pursued interests in industry and commerce. Flowers and vineyards are among the plantings you'll find there today. A new visitors' center interprets the story of this successful early enterprise.

Sample all things pioneer at Somerset Historical Center. The smokehouse, constructed around 1800, is a wooden rarity; the maple sugar camp lays out all the accoutrements for producing the sweet substance circa 1850. The Center's annual Mountain Craft Days, where 100-plus craftspeople demonstrate centuries-old specialties, take place the weekend after Labor Day.

At Ephrata Cloister, the tranquil surroundings fostered the communal life of the German pietists, both celibate and married, who lived and worked in buildings reminiscent of medieval Europe. Their music, printing and creative expression were known throughout the colonies.